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Outpatient Joint Replacement

Total joint replacement is the surgical procedure used to treat advanced joint arthritis or degeneration.  During this procedure the damaged joint is removed and replaced with an artificial joint implant. Total joint replacement surgery has traditionally been performed as an inpatient procedure, requiring an overnight stay in the hospital.  But recent advances including minimally invasive techniques, improved perioperative anesthesia, innovative postoperative pain management and accelerated rehabilitation protocols have enabled Dr. Murphy to begin performing the surgeries on an outpatient basis. For qualified patients, this allows them to go home the same day as the surgery as long as: their vital signs are stable during the post-operative physical therapy session; they can tolerate a regular diet; and their pain can be controlled with oral medication. You may be considered as a candidate for an outpatient joint replacement procedure if: Dr. Murphy has determined that you need a joint replacement You do not have severe bone loss around the joint You have no prior history of open surgery on that joint Your weight is proportional to your height Advantages of the outpatient procedure may include: Shorter hospital stay and recovery period Reduced postoperative pain Increased range of motion after surgery Fewer post-operative complications Increased patient satisfaction Overall improved outcome
Not EVERY patient is a good candidate for outpatient joint replacement.  Patients that live alone or are severely debilitated may benefit from a longer hospital stay.  Also, patients with multiple medical problems may require more monitoring after the surgery than others. For more information, or to make an appointment, please contact Murphy Wainer Orthopedic Specialists: (336) 375-2300    or    mwo @
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